Closet Accessories That Women Love

Every woman needs a well-organized closet. The closet is where you store your most prized fashion possessions, and it’s important to have everything in its appropriate place. When you’re looking for ways to keep your closet organized, there are a…

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Maximize Your Shoe Storage to its Fullest Potential

As the weather changes, so does our footwear. To accommodate cold, harsh winters, we stockpile snowshoes, fashionable boots, and comfortable slippers. When the weather warms up, we transition to sneakers, sandals, loafers, and flip-flops. It’s always great to have options…

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5 Tips on Storing Out of Season Clothes

Throughout the year, we accumulate a lot of new clothes and apparel. Whether it’s due to a change of wardrobe, a new season, or gifts from a loved one, the amount of clothes and shoes we own quickly adds up….

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Inside an Octagon Closet Space

Having a large walk-in closet is a great benefit to any master bedroom space. They allow for optimized storage for clothes, shoes, and accessories and increase the usable space inside the bedroom itself. Since we normally accumulate more stuff than…

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Creative Closet Organization Ideas

Having enough space in your home to do what you love is important to your sanity and overall levels of happiness. While some hobbies, like reading or unwinding in front of a good show, don’t require much room, others do….

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Making the Most out of Small Closet Space

Some homes are blessed with ample amounts of storage, while others are forced to get creative if they want to keep things organized and out of the way. While having a big closet makes your life a little less cluttered,…

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