Having a large walk-in closet is a great benefit to any master bedroom space. They allow for optimized storage for clothes, shoes, and accessories and increase the usable space inside the bedroom itself. Since we normally accumulate more stuff than we need, this is essential. If your home already has a walk-in closet, you understand how invaluable it is to your morning routine. Waking up and being able to see all of your options without digging through drawers or over-crowded dressers can help you stay calm and organized, which is essential when setting yourself up for success. However, not all closet spaces are created the same. There are plenty of design options, each of which caters to different people. Some people may prefer more space for hanging all their shirts and dresses, others may prefer folding more of their clothing. But what if your closet was in the shape of an octagon?

Octagon closet

Different Types of Closet Space

Closets come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and are often the spaces left over from planning the primary areas like bedrooms and bathroom. However, modern day closets are sizably bigger and grander than before. Having a simple rectangular or square space is the most ideal for closet spaces, but what if your existing space has a series of angles in the shape of an octagon?

An octagon closet space is a closet that has eight, wall facets cascading around to create a circular shape. This creates a series of layout challenges—the various angles and wall lengths result in a geometric puzzle and trying to make the space functional of someone’s use can be difficult.  Add in a few window obstacles, varying wall lengths, and variety of personal storage needs and you have a major design challenge ahead of you. Closet Organizing Systems™ recently stepped up to that challenge to help create both a beautiful and functional closet system for the client.

Octagon closet

Challenges of an Octagon Closet Space

One of the biggest challenges of incorporating a closet system into an octagon space is working with all the angles and minimizing any lost space brought about by them. The unique shape requires breaking out those geometry skills and using good old fashion math for optimized shelving and hanging spaces for all the clothing and accessories. It can be fully customized to your needs, so each wall can be created using unique insight from client preference. This unique shape has the power to make your closet feel more like a chic boutique and gives you space for everything you need.

To get the most out of your space, it’s important to work with a professional like Closet Organizing Systems™. Our award-winning designers work to turn an ordinary bedroom space into a luxurious closet dressing suite with custom features that appeal to both your needs and aesthetic preferences. A personalized closet organization system has the power to add tremendous benefits to your daily life by increasing organizational efficiency and adding stronger aesthetics to any room. Closet Organizing Systems™ offers plenty of customization options and luxurious features to complement your closet space. You’ll work with one of our designers to help transform your current closet into your dream vision. Our innovative designs, understanding of custom cabinetry and knowledge of finishing techniques allows us to take your custom closet to the next level. To learn more about how Closet Organizing Systems™ can help you get the most of any space, large or small, contact us today.