Some homes come equipped with ample closet space in each room, but many homeowners find that there’s always opportunity for improvement. While having a luxurious, walk-in closet is ideal, it’s not always possible. The underlying architecture of some homes makes it unfeasible. Luckily, by working with Closet Organizing Systems™ you can fully maximize your home’s closet space in every room. Whatever the challenge, whatever your budget, our in-house design and installation team will work collaboratively with you to ensure that your closet system provides you with a place for everything. Here, we’ll integrate modern storage solutions and explain how to turn a bedroom wall into a beautiful custom closet.

The Benefits of Bedroom Wall Custom Closet Conversions

One of the main reasons that homeowners want to transform a wall into a closet system is lack of storage space, which is typical in most older homes. Another reason for adding a closet wall unit to for creating an additional usable bedroom. Some people also enjoy the open shelving design and want to expand their storage options. Regardless of the reasoning, converting an existing wall into a closet drastically improves your storage space. The team of professional designers at Closet Organizing Systems™ are experts at creating custom closets and wall units that organize everything in clear view, increase accessibility, and eliminate clutter and eyesores.

Transform a Bedroom Wall into a Custom Closet

Rather than building new walls and doors to create a closet area, consider creating a free-standing wall closet system for your wardrobe storage needs.

Determine Organization Needs

The first step in creating a custom closet in your bedroom wall is to determine what your organization needs will be. Will you be hanging suits and ties? Do you need an abundance of shoe storage? Would you prefer to hang clothes or fold them? Work with one of our designers to collaborate on your organization preferences and storage needs.

Custom closet  Custom closet

Consider Size

Do you want to create a closet that covers the entire bedroom wall, or would you prefer to only carve out a section? Think about how much storage space you need. There are also opportunities to create integrated TV entertainment systems and desk areas within your bedroom wall custom closet, so you don’t let valuable storage space go unused. The sky is the limit, and the choice is up to you.

Add Luxury Features

Since your new custom closet will be in plain sight, we recommend adding a few luxury features to beautifully integrate it into your bedroom aesthetics. Closet Organizing Systems™ has plenty of luxury features like raised panel doors, countertop work surfaces, casing trim, and decorative hardware that can take your closet system to the next level. Talk to our in-house designers today to learn more about ways to enhance your closet system.

Custom closet trims  Custom closet trims

Whether you’re looking to transform a wall into a custom closet or turn your walk-in closet into a luxurious oasis, Closet Organizing Systems™ is here to help. We offer a variety of custom closet solutions and beyond. Let your imagination run wild—we can transform your dream into a reality. It all starts with our complimentary in-home design consultation. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.