Poorly organized closets can be an overwhelming place, especially if there are clothes spilling out of the closet and onto the floor. If you don’t have any organizational skills it might seem like there is no solution. However, a closet redesign is a great way to solve storage organizing problems regardless of if you’re an organizational novice or pro. To help make your life easier and declutter your home, here’s how a closet redesign can help solve wardrobe organizing problems.

Closet Redesigns Provide the Perfect Shoe Organization

If you’re one of the many people out there who has a problem keeping their shoes organized and together, you may need to try redesigning your storage space. There are a few types of shoe storage options which can make your life so much better. Some of those options include both flat and angled shelving, shoe cubbies, and shoe carousels. As a rule of thumb, women’s shoes typically take up about 8” of space whereas men’s shoes usually require about 10” depending on their size. Cubbies take up less width space since they’re stacked on top of each other, but also make shoes less visual. A rotating carousel is very novel but costs more for lazy Susan functionality. If you have a lot of shoes, working with the professionals at Closet Organizing Systems™ will provide you with customizable options that bring your shoe collection to life.

Shoe Cabinet


You’ll Optimize Vertical Space for More Hanging Room

Many closets are constructed with one basic shelf and rod arrangement that goes wall to wall in the closet space. This often underutilizes the available storage space and leads to crammed closets with wrinkled clothes. With a closet make over, you’ll experience optimized vertical space for more hanging room and make it easier to see where all of your items are stored. This means that when an item is needed, you’ll know exactly where to go.

Vertical hanging closet

Redesigns Maximize Usable Shelf Space

In addition to most people having a single rod and shelf, it’s not uncommon for people to only have one top shelf. As you can imagine, this creates a storage catastrophe with everything stacked on top. When you work with Closet Organizing Systems™, our design consultants will help you to redesign your closet space and maximize your usable shelves. This way, your items can be spread out across multiple shelves, leaving room for more storage space in your closet. Everything stays neat and clean because there isn’t a pile of clothes on one shelf that could topple over.

Closet with usable space


More Consolidated Outfit Organization

Some people store their ties in the drawer, pants in a dresser, and shoes under the bed. This means you’d have to run from one side of the room to the other to finish with a full outfit. A properly laid out and designed closet system helps consolidate outfit organization and keeps everything in reach. By incorporating drawers, shelving towers, double hanging space, and convenient features into your closet, you’ll be able to choose the right outfit with ease.

Easier Access to Belts, Ties, Jewelry, and More

Finally, a closet redesign helps to solve the organizing problem of belts, ties, jewelry, and more. With unique, customizable storage additions, you’ll be able to store all of your accessories in easy-to-access areas without taking up valuable storage space.

Cabinet for jewelries

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your mornings, a closet redesign is an excellent solution. Closet Organizing Systems™ designs can help you solve wardrobe organizing problems regardless of the type of space and whether or not you have any organizational skills. To learn more about how Closet Organizing Systems™ can make life easier for yourself and the people in your family, contact us today.