Having enough space in your home to do what you love is important to your sanity and overall levels of happiness. While some hobbies, like reading or unwinding in front of a good show, don’t require much room, others do. Crafting and office related activities can take up a lot of space and can create a lot of visible clutter. Without an organizational plan, getting a project started and working through it can take ages and cause a lot of frustration. When you’re not able to find what you need or have an adequate amount of space to work over the weeks, it’s easy to become discouraged and frustrated. To make sure that you continue to find and keep things tidy, here are some creative closet organization ideas that can help you get inspired.

working space with cabinets

1. Transform an Unused Closet/Room

If you’re tight on space, consider transforming an existing closet or room into a double duty home space. This frees up the room itself for other activities or keeps the spare bedroom free of any unwanted clutter on those unfinished office/crafting projects and storing those supplies. Depending on the size of the closet/room, you can add plenty of shelving, horizontal work surfaces, vertical wall storage, for a more functional workspace. When you’re done using the space for the day, all you need to do is close the door or cabinet doors and everything will be contained. Closet Organizing Systems™ understands the benefits of double duty space, which is why we design workspaces that won’t compromised form for function.

2. Utilize Vertical Wall Storage

Vertical storage is your best friend when trying to increase the efficiency of a room. Consider installing a slatwall or having a professional utility wall put in. This can allow for open shelving, integrated design elements, or a more minimalist approach. You’ll be able to customize your layout as your crafting grows and make sure that everything is always in its place and within reach.

vertical wall storage

3. Add Storage Shelving and Cabinet Units

Another way to avoid taking up too much usable space in a room is to add shelving units. Shelving and professional cabinetry can extend from the floor to the ceiling and offer plenty of room to keep everything where it needs to go. This helps you save floor space and won’t completely overtake the room. Plus, by utilizing cabinet doors, you’ll be able to keep everything out of sight if the room needs to be used for other purposes.

If you have the space, you can then use the remainder of the area for workstations and desks to complete larger scale crafts. The parameters of each organizational technique can be personalized to meet your organizational storage goals when you partner with Closet Organizing Systems™.

Storage Shelving and Cabinet Units

Get Creative with Closet Organizing Systems

For creative room spaces that will inspire you to produce your best work, contact Closet Organizing Systems™ today. Our Chicago in-house design and installation teams are here to help crafting enthusiasts get the most out of their organization through storage cabinetry solutions and workstations that perform. Our goal is to help you reduce clutter by installing personalized, aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. We provide high quality workmanship on every job using the best materials and creative design solutions. To make sure that your craft room receives a personalized touch, our designers work with you to turn your vision into a reality. Contact Closet Organizing Systems™ today to learn more about how we can make your ideal creative craft room organization idea come to life.