Throughout the year, we accumulate a lot of new clothes and apparel. Whether it’s due to a change of wardrobe, a new season, or gifts from a loved one, the amount of clothes and shoes we own quickly adds up. While summer outfits tend to take up minimal space, winter wear can leave behind a bulky mess. To get the most out of your closet, here are 5 tips on storing out of season clothes.

1. Clean Your Clothes Before Storing

Before doing anything, make sure that you thoroughly clean and dry your clothes. This is especially important to avoid attracting pests, having mold or mildew develop, and eliminate any last odors. Storing wet, dirty clothes can cause discoloration and lead to the development of mildew and odor over time, so the proper cleaning is essential. Then, determine how you’re going to store them.

2. Decide Between Hanging and Folding

Some items of clothing can be folded without incident, while others need to stay on a hanger to maintain their shape and quality. Go through your clothing items and learn what needs to be kept on a hanger and what can be folded and put away. With a customized closet or season storage system from Closet Organizing Systems™, you’ll have enough room for both in and out of season clothes to be properly stored away and accessed whenever you need them.

3. Avoid Plastic and Cardboard

Regardless of where you store your out of season clothing, avoid using cardboard at all costs to prevent them from getting damp and wick in moisture. Your clothes should be able to breathe openly or consider vacuum sealing them if storing for longer periods of time. For the best results, opt for open shelving, drawers, baskets, and wardrobes from Closet Organizing Systems™.

Closet with clothes sealed

4. Keep Bugs and Moths Out

Putting things away for months at a time can create the ideal environment for insects. Storing your items away with cedar materials or fabric dryer sheet will help keep those pesky critters away. Cedar materials naturally contain the chemical Thujone and most dryer sheets have Linaloon in them which naturally help repel bugs and insects.

5. Stick to Dark, Cool, Dry Areas

Humid or musty areas are breeding grounds for mold and mildew, which can lead to fabric deterioration or discoloration. This means that unfinished basements or attics are typically not the most ideal areas for out of season clothing storage—especially if they’re made of delicate material.

If you have a spare bedroom closet, consider using it first as it will be less susceptible to moisture and the development of odors. You can move other non-clothing related items to the basement or attic. This will allow you to separate your closet spaces and keep bulky winter clothes away from your warm weather articles. Closet Organizing Systems™ can help you optimize any storage space for both seasonal and functional use. With opportunities to incorporate customized storage systems, you’ll be able to rearrange things to meet your changing needs.

If you’re sick and tired of having to remove your out of season clothes from your closet and put them in storage or under your bed, contact Closet Organizing Systems™ today. Our in-house designers have the experience you need to create custom closet systems that will improve organizational efficiency and help give you more space to store your out of season clothes easily without chaotic clutter. We work with our clients on an individual basis to get a better understanding of their current space, their needs, and how our innovative designs can bring them the closet system of their dreams. Regardless of your vision, if you can dream it, we can build it. To learn more or schedule your free, in-home consultation, contact Closet Organizing Systems™ today.