Garage space is valuable. It’s like having your very own self-storage unit attached to your home. Unfortunately, many people who are lucky enough to have a garage take advantage of the space and find themselves unable to fit their cars inside. Instead, everything accumulates and pretty soon you struggle to even find what you need. This is no way to utilize garage space. You can get a lot out of your garage when you use the proper storage systems and keep it organized throughout the year. If you’re not sure how to do that exactly, don’t worry. We’ll help you understand how to best use your garage’s valuable space.

Optimize Vertical Space

Make the most out of your vertical space along the perimeter side walls. There are countless ways that you can add storage essentials, organize sports equipment, or create the perfect place for all of your gardening tools. The goal is to keep your garage floor free of clutter. One of the easiest ways to utilize side walls is by installing a slatwall material using a variety of racks, basket, bins, and hooks to hang your items. The nice benefit of using a slat wall system is the adjustability of the system for changing storage needs.

Consider Installing Cabinets

If you have the extra space on your garage walls, consider installing cabinets. Cabinets will allow you to create a personalized storage system that improves your garage’s organization and keeps things out of sight. Cabinets aren’t only functional, they’re visually appealing and can help remove any eyesores you have laying around.
Garage open cabinets

Create the Perfect Workstation

To take your garage to the next level, install a custom workstation that gives you the space you need to complete your favorite hobbies, work on home-improvement projects, or service your car. With a workstation, you’ll be able to create a garage that optimally stores your things, has room for your vehicle, and fuels your passion. Partner with the professionals at Closet Organizing Systems™ to get the most out of your workstation installation. Our designers work by identifying your key needs and creating custom solutions you’ll love.
Garage custom cabinets
Whether you decide to utilize one or more of the above features, it’s important that you properly install them to make your space both functional and visually appealing. Let the professionals at Closet Organizing Systems™ help transform your space into the garage of your dreams. We specialize in garage cabinets, garage storage organization, and garage workstations to help you make great use of valuable garage space. The transformation will help you keep
sporting goods, garden equipment, automotive care items, and power tools out of the way but easily accessible. We’ll help you eliminate the clutter and optimize your garage space without having to initiate a major construction job. Closet Organizing Systems™ offers customized garage solutions that can be made to match your favorite car or support your family’s hobbies. Contact Closet Organizing Systems™ today to learn more about how we can help you best use your garage’s valuable space.