How to Make Your Small Closet Feel Big

Not all of us are lucky enough to have large walk in closets. You know, the ones you sometimes see on HGTV or “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.

So if you’re amongst the millions with too little closet space – we’re here to help.

Here are some tips on doing your own “closet re-org” that makes the most out of your current closet space.

The Process

It begins with a process. You really do need to drag everything out into the open and start putting the things you never wear or use into a box or bag to donate.

Don’t get hung up or delayed with the idea that you’re going to take things to a resale shop or see if any of your friends want the item. It doesn’t move you closer to the goal of having organized spaces where you can see and access everything.

If you insist that “you paid good money for this”, then take a pic, post it on Facebook and see if anyone wants it. Otherwise, out it goes.

The next step takes honesty and discipline. Look at each item and give it a rating from 1-10. Ten means you love it and wear it often with confidence and joy. Anything below a 7 should no longer have a home in your closet. It’s not doing you any favors and not serving your current lifestyle and goals.

When you’re doing this evaluating – ask yourself how you want people to perceive you TODAY – in current time. Are you looking to get promoted? Are you looking for love? Pick three to five adjectives that you resonate with and make sure each item you keep honors and conveys these characteristics.

Put the pieces that have sentimental value in a box – and then store that box somewhere besides the main closet you use to get dressed.

Apply the 80-20 rule, since we really do wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. If you have things you just can’t bear to let go of – move them to the back of another closet or storage space. If another 6 months or year goes by and you still have not worn them – let them go without even re-evaluating. Trust that they have served their purpose and will now serve someone else’s purpose.

Make another pile for anything that needs to be tailored, sewn or mended and write down what needs to be done to fix the piece. Then take them to the seamstress at the dry cleaners or your tailor – within 72 hours – and get the problems fixed so you can move forward and wear them with confidence.

Structural Support

If you’re not up for having your closet designed by a professional, then go to a DIY store and purchase some items to help get more things stored in the same amount of space.

Consider installing an additional rod so you get “Double Hang”. These can often just be attached to an existing rod. Just make sure to measure vertical distance, height of existing rod and then how much space you need for the garments. And by space we mean vertically, not the width (left to right).

Attached a cloth “cubbie” section for either shoes or folded items. These also attach to rods and can really leverage vertical space efficiently.

Now start putting things back into your closet. The things you use the most should be the easiest to access. The goal is to be able to open (and close) the closet door – access what you need – and move on with your day.

Good luck and happy organizing!

And if you need to add some structure to your closet – set up an appointment with one of our fabulous design team members. They can double your storage capacity in no time flat and make your newly organized life so much easier to live.