Pets are an important part of the family. While both dogs and cats help to enhance our lives, dogs tend to require a little more work—especially when they try to come inside covered in mud. In most homes, muddy paws mean it’s time to get the hose or trek your dirty dog through the house to get to the bathtub or shower. While pet owners love their dogs dearly, it doesn’t mean that you want them getting the house dirty or sitting in a room after rolling in a curious odor. But what if you had a third option? Imagine being able to lead your dog a few steps into a uniquely custom designed dog washing station? If you have one or more dogs, it’s well worth the investment. But how exactly can you add a dog washing station to your home without creating chaos? We recommend incorporating it into a custom-made mudroom, laundry room, or garage space for your family.

The Benefits of Adding a Dog Washing Station to Your Home
If you own one or more dogs, the benefits of adding a dog washing station to your home become apparent after only one use. Aside from keeping your home free of muddy paw prints, a dog washing station will bring you the following benefits:

  • Allow for easier cleaning and grooming
  • Save you money on expensive groomers
  • Give you more space to clean your dog comfortably
  • Keep the dirt in a confined space
  • Provides a space to keep all of your dog’s favorite things
  • Less pet dander and hair on furniture
  • An all-around, better smelling home
Washing station
Dog in washing station

Where to Put Your New Dog Washing Station

If you’re ready to install a new dog washing station in your home, the main question becomes: “where will it go?” For most, the best place for a dog washing station is in the laundry room, mudroom, or a unique garage space. The professionals at Closet Organizing Systems offer custom designed organization systems that can incorporate everything you need—including a dog washing station that’s perfectly tailored for your dog. We provide custom-designed mudrooms, laundry rooms, and garage spaces with unique dog wash areas to easily keep dirty dogs clean.
For those that would prefer to put their dog washing station elsewhere, that’s fine too. Our designers are here to help you incorporate a dog wash area into any space. We’ll even help you choose the best materials that will fit your needs and make dog clean up a breeze.

Creating the Perfect Dog Washing Station

There are plenty of different ways to install a dog washing station. Once you determine where you’ll want your station, you should decide what kind of style will best fit your dog and how it can complement the room. You can choose from a washing station mirrored off of either a shower or a tub and have it equipped with glass walls or incorporate a more open design. If you can dream it, the professionals at Closet Organizing Systems can build it. There are a variety of helpful features that can be added to include handheld shower heads, a wall clip to keep your pet in place, and plenty of storage options for all of your supplies.

To make your new dog washing station complete, we recommend adding plenty of surrounding storage space. This will give you easy access to everything you need while washing your pet and will improve your home’s overall organization. By storing all of your dog’s things in one area, you’ll find that life gets a little easier and your home stays a little cleaner. To learn more about how Closet Organizing Systems™ can help you bring your dream dog washing station to life, contact us today. Our professionals are here to help you create the perfect system that fits your needs and pampers your pet.