Just because you’re crafty and creative doesn’t mean you’re organized—and that’s okay. But, if you’ve been crafting for long, you know how important organization is. Without a system, supplies end up everywhere and you start to feel chaotic and uninspired. Overtime, you can get discouraged and pretty soon your crafting room ends up uninhabited and without purpose. Luckily, you don’t have to have an innate sense of organization to take charge of your craft room. By utilizing some unique craft room organization spaces, you’ll be able to keep things under control with ease.
Table and chairs
Organized cabinets with working table and chair

Create a Designated Craft Room

When you first start crafting, you’ll likely only a have a few supplies here and there. Fast forward a year or so and you’ll have accumulated more paint, scissors, paper, markers, pens, glitter, ribbon, and miscellaneous crafting supplies than you know what to do with. Eventually, it becomes difficult to find anything. To give yourself the space you need to stay organized, consider repurposing a basement area or old office space into a new craft room. You’ll be able to create custom storage systems filled with all of the shelving, cabinets, and countertops you need to clear your space and engage your inner creativity.

Decorate with Supplies

You should focus on storing most of your supplies in an organized manner, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create something that’s aesthetically pleasing. To give your craft room an energy that helps your creativity flow, try decorating with supplies. With custom made cabinetry systems, you can add personalized touches below that will double as storage. Consider hanging a pegboard and utilizing vertical storage that compliments open spaces or repurposing an old entry wall organizer to store and display colorful fabrics. When decorating your craft room with supplies, your options are limitless.

Open cabinet
House island with cabinet

Design an Inspiring Workstation

When you prioritize keeping your workstation clean and organized, you’ll have more space to create. However, you might find that your workstation doesn’t exactly give you the creative burst you need. To keep the ideas coming, try designing a workstation that inspires you. Add decorative designs, paint it to match your energy, and make sure that you include ample storage space. While you want to keep this area mostly clear, it’s convenient to have certain things within arm’s reach.

Kitchen storage and cabinets

Pay Attention to the Details

Focusing on the major aspects of organization is important, but as they say: the devil is in the details. To help take your craft room to the next level, make sure to pay attention to the smaller aspects of craft organization, such as:

  • Labeling your storage containers
  • Organizing all of your thoughts or ideas in one place
  • Have a ladder or step stool handy
  • Use a binder for file materials
  • Get more out of storage with baskets and bins
  • Create categories and store like things together
  • Display your favorite art
  • Create ample space for your workstation
Organized cabinet

Take Charge of Your Craft Room with Closet Organizing Systems

Regardless of if you enjoy painting, quilting, scrapbooking, or woodworking, it’s important to have a dedicated and organized workspace. At Closet Organizing Systems, we’re committed to providing our customers with a broad variety of contemporary and elegant home and craft organizing and storage cabinetry solutions. Our goal is to help ease the stress of everyday clutter and help you focus on what really matters. We provide the highest quality workmanship, superior materials, creative design solutions, and personalized services. Our Chicago in-house design and installation teams are looking forward to collaborating with you to create a unique craft room organization space. Contact Closet Organizing Systems™ today to learn more about how we can help you create your perfect craft room organization system.