On some level, we all want a well-organized closet that makes it easier to get dressed each day. And if beauty can be incorporated, that’s all the better.

Here are some ideas to help you get closer to closet nirvana:

Start with the hardware.

The handles on any of your bedroom furniture should be something that feels good to the touch, is easy to grab and open and makes you smile when you see it. Builders put in basic hardware for most homes.

Take the initiative on your own to search for great hardware and change out boring and blah for blingy and beautiful.

There are endless websites to search, lots of “Big Box” stores to visit and even our own website for some selection options (www.closetos.com/gallery/handles)

Add Simple Lighting.

Adding lighting to your closets no longer requires an electrician and a home renovation.

There are lots of options that are LED lighting that operate from battery power. You can often stick them to different surfaces and/or secure with a screw or two and Wa-La – you can now easily see your navy tops, brown tops and black tops.

Go Beyond a Rod and Shelf (or wire shelving).

Statistically, most homes in America have closets with one closet rod and one shelf (so don’t feel bad if this is you, you’re in the majority). Newer homes often include the builders “upgrade” to wire shelving systems.

We want you to see and feel the benefits of a custom designed closet system made from solid surfaces. And we want that for you because:

– It will be professionally designed and organized so everything has a place and is easier to find.

– Your clothing won’t get “wire marks” from sitting on the shelving.

– You’ll have adjust-ability and flexibility, so as you buy new boots or add three more pair of flip flops to your collection, you can make the system work so it stores them
– It will increase the value of your home.

– You’ll save time because you’ll be able to easily see and access your entire wardrobe.

– You’ll double, if not triple, the amount of storage you have.

– You’ll feel a sense of pride when it comes to your closets instead of a sense of shame because you’ve shoved everything into them with no thought or plan.

– You’ll save time because you’ll be able to easily see and access your entire wardrobe.

So give us a call to see how we can help you. We’ve got a dedicated, sincere, expert team of award-winning design experts ready to help you.