White has been “where it’s at” when it comes to color selection for custom closet space.

Not only is white a traditional color in its’ sense of style and timelessness, but it’s what most of our customers over the years have chosen to have installed in their homes.

And it’s great. Truly. We love the simplicity of white.

But we’ve got a new excitement for “texture”; as in textured melamine.

Texture is all the rage right now in the home furnishings and design markets. Technology has allowed for the creation of materials that look lifelike and dimensional. They’re fun and exciting and can bring your own sense of personal style to the closet or home office that you’re working with us on.

They also have been created in colors and hues that are nature-like, but either dramatic or elegant. The colorings can be subdued and simple or contrasting and vibrant.These textured materials have the look and feel of real wood products at a fraction of the cost. That’s a plus for your budget.

Take a close look at the pictures. They demonstrate what the product looks like. However, it’s really best to be able to see them in person, because then you can also “touch” them to feel what the texture is like. Give us a call if we can show you some new, creative options for your custom storage or closet project. Perhaps a new work space in your home with one of these wonderful options?