While the holidays are undoubtedly one of the most joyful times of the year, they’re also accompanied with a lot of stress. Our calendars normally get filled with friends and family and many of us begin to get overwhelmed by our to-do list—decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, parties, and cooking meals. However, if you want to really make sure that your holidays remain happy, healthy, and stress-free, it’s important to stay organized. Here are 5 ways to eliminate stress by staying organized this holiday season.

Plan Ahead

The holidays can get overwhelming fast, especially when you overcommit and end up with non-stop plans. Instead of trying to attend every holiday party, gathering, or cookie exchange, plan ahead. Give yourself time to enjoy what really matters and if you feel like you’re overextending yourself, say no. You don’t have to attend every function to enjoy the holidays. In fact, the less you do, the more you’ll appreciate it. Keep your schedule organized so you know what you can and cannot do.

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Deep Clean

Another great way to eliminate stress is to give your home a deep clean before things get chaotic. By taking the time to do this ahead of time, you’ll avoid stressing over the details later on. Plus, it will be easier to keep things in their place knowing that you’ve already taken the time to get things in order.


Create a Place for Everything

When everything has a place, it’s easier to keep things organized. Unfortunately, many homes don’t have substantial storage options—especially closet space or an efficient basement and garage area. The professionals at Closet Organizing Systems™ can help you create a place for everything with unique storage system that will add both form and functions to your existing space. Whether you have a special storage requirement, need additional shelving or are looking to add more space for storing those holiday items our home organizing storage systems can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

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Organize Decorations

While we all love holiday decorations, they can quickly get out of hand. Year after year, we accumulate more decorations and knowing where to put them. This year take pictures of your decoration settings for next year and get rid of anything that no longer brings you joy. If you can’t seem to part with enough decorations to fit your home’s space, make your home’s storage more efficient with customizable storage solutions from the professionals at Closet Organizing Systems™.

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Start Now

The sooner you start getting ready for the holidays, the easier it will be. Start now—call the professionals at Closet Organizing Systems™ today. After a free personalized consultation with one of our designers, we’ll begin putting together a project plan right away to help you maximize your organizational efficiency.


Stay Organized this Holiday Season with Closet Organizing Systems™

The holidays don’t have to create unnecessary stress. While it’s up to you to decide what you commit to and what you skip, you can keep your home an organized, stress-free oasis. Our complimentary in-home design consultation will identify your storage needs and lifestyle habits so we can bring your vision to life. If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact Closet Organizing Systems today to learn how we can help you stay organized this holiday season and beyond.