Why not turn the unused space in your window area into extra seating and storage? Window benches are gaining popularity in homes. This type of built-in bench located under a window in the home is also referred to as a banquette. Built-in bench style window seating can be incorporated into many areas of a home and can be custom crafted to flow with the symmetry of a window area. Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, walk-in closets, staircase landings and foyers are a few choice locations for a window bench or banquette

Certain window bench locations may cause a glare or added heat from it’s sun exposure. Selecting window coverings, such as blinds or shades which complement the room’s surroundings can make the bench more enjoyable and comfortable. In a high traffic area like a kitchen or family room, window-seat cushions crafted with outdoor fabric will prevent sun fading and hold up to more wear and tear. Thick cushions, similar to couch cushion depth will also provide good back support.

Windows located in the corner of a room provide an excellent location for an L-shaped, straight window bench seat. This is an excellent way to add drawer storage to your window seat build. Curved bays or windows with radiators tucked beneath can call for clever solutions in which a window seat, bench or banquette would be a perfect solution.

A window bench seat across a straight wall gives instant built-in storage and can be painted to match surrounding furnishings. Adding drawers and custom cabinetry to the banquette is a great way to have your seating area multi-functional. There are many stylish and inventive ways to create a picture perfect window seat and make the most out of an ordinary window space in your home.