Gift Wrapping is a whole lot easier with all of your supplies within arm’s reach. Reduce clutter and stay organized this holiday season with a designated gift wrapping area. By staying orderly with your wrapping papers and packaging supplies will help make the holidays less overwhelming and let you have more time to spread holiday cheer.

Choose a designated area. Extra space or an open corner area in an office, basement, utility room or even a spare bedroom will work well. Make sure you have a sturdy and spacious desk or table top for a good working surface. A desk with drawers will provide storage for bows, ribbons, tissue paper, holiday cards and gift tags.

Maximize the cleanliness and organization of your gift wrapping area. Use wall mounted dowels to display and provide easy access to your favorite gift wrapping papers and ribbons. Additional paper storage can be provided with an umbrella stand, tall decorative basket or even a tall garbage can next to the area.

Cubbies with labels and shelving above the gift wrapping area provide a designated space for tape, scissors, bows, pens, markers greeting cards, thank you cards and decorations. Add some personality to your custom gift wrap area with colorful caddy’s or baskets for even more supplies.

Gift Wrap Area Extras. A Cork or Bulletin board will display invitations for upcoming events and serve as a reminder to keep track of your holiday and party invites. A wireless speaker, or radio to play the holiday tunes and get you in the holiday spirit while wrapping all those presents. A stool is also a good idea to get you off your feet while you work because we all know how much work it can be to wrap all those presents, especially if you have a big family or little ones!

Let Closet Organizing Systems get you started by designing a custom gift wrap area for you today. Give us a call, we promise you will love it! Happy Holidays!