Custom Solutions

Luxurious white closet

Geometry Puzzle

Angles of any sort present multiple challenges in a closet deign. Depending upon where the angles are and how “angled” they are impacts storage capacity. What looks like reasonable storage space on empty walls suddenly either becomes excessively deep storage Read More »

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closet organized custom

Under The Stairs

Any multi-level house has stairs. And most people want to utilize this ready-made storage space as well as they can. As closet and storage designers, we discuss this space with our clients frequently. Sometimes they want to put a desk Read More »

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Organized closet space

Closet Lighting

Determining your navy blues from your blacks seems like a minor thing in life – but walk out the door with a mismatch and suddenly it feels epic. Or foolish to say the least. Good lighting is an important factor Read More »

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Painted MDF Stained Wenge

Cables Cables Everywhere

Wire management. It’s a term that people don’t always consider when working on home improvement projects, but it’s something designers MUST think about in advance. therwise, we risk the dreaded client call and subsequent appointment where we are standing side-by-side Read More »

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