Function is always a top priority when designing effective closet space. Your garments need to be visible and accessible. And any closet designer worth their chops knows that.

So, once we’ve established a terrific, functional design for you, it’s time to personalize the space so it reflects your own personal style.

Here’s some of our favorite closet upgrades that we’re sure you’re going to not only love, but want to add to your own closet:

  1. 1) The always dependable, always functional valet rail. Once you’ve experienced using a valet rail in your closet, you’ll not only never want to live without one, you’ll want to put as many in your closet as possible. Valet rails are terrific for hanging dry cleaning as your bring it home, planning outfits for your work day or outing and preparing to pack for upcoming trips.
    1. 2) Beautiful, easy to grab doors and drawer pulls. Honestly. If there’s one place you should exceed your budget, it’s here. Nothing changes the look and style of a closet more than beautiful hardware. In fact, we suggest you select your hardware early on in the process and make sure it fits within your budget so it’s not a painful, last minute add on. When thinking about hardware, another important variable is how easy it is to grab. You want to be able to easily see it and grab it so your doors and drawers open easily, and, of course, stylishly! We have a nice selection of hardware on our site, but can work with you on getting hardware from any source where you find something that catches your eye.


  1. 3) Stylized door and drawer fronts. Instead of going with standard, flat panel door and drawer fronts, add pizzazz and style with a drawer profile that you find appealing. Whether that’s a traditional, raised panel front or a more transitional, squared shaker style front, it will elevate the look of your closet into something grand.
    1. 4) Dividers. Closet dividers can be added to shelves to keep things like shirts and sweaters from looking piled up. Dividers can also be added to drawers so you always know that your black socks are on the left and your brown socks are on the right. And last, but not least, dividers can be added for your jewelry and watches.  These can be velvet or acrylic and are an excellent way to help you see all you’ve got, select what you want to wear and then return it to its’ organized “home”.


  1. 5) Mouldings – whether crown moulding at the top or base molding at the bottom, mouldings are a wonderful finishing touch. They make a standard closet look more like built in furniture for a look you’re sure to love.


So these are some of our favorite closet upgrades. However, if you’ve seen something you like but we haven’t listed it, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you get it. Save your photos and ideas and share them with your design consultant and we’ll be sure to help you find and create the look, feel and function that you dream of for your closets.