Face it, there are days when you feel like everything makes you look fat (we hate those days).

And then there are the “power days” when you can take a good look at what’s shoved into your closet that, honestly, makes the closet itself look fat. And you realize it’s not you. It’s the shopping choice you’ve made.

It is that time of year, and today is the day to make some new choices and actually let go of some things.

I know. You’ve heard and seen and read about closet purging and the value of being organized many times. The media covers it every change of season.

There’s a reason for that. And that reason is because it’s important.

It’s easy to shop sales and add things to your closet. It’s fun. You think it will “look cute with a pair of jeans” (most overused excuse for random purchase) or it will go well with your black suit.

As the endorphin purchasing rush fades (faster than the couple of pounds you’ve added to your hips), you’re stuck with more items in your closet than you really know what to do with.

Consider this:

If you happen to travel for business, take a good hard look at the key items you repeatedly select to travel in.

They are typically key pieces that feel great on, don’t wrinkle, can be layered and give you confidence as you wear them to meet clients or co-workers.

Then pull the garments out from the dark corners of your closet. You know, the ones you feel you need to keep “just in case”. Try them on. See how they look at feel. If the answer isn’t ‘great”, then do everyone a favor and pack them up for Goodwill.

If you don’t travel for work, take a look at the garments hanging front and center in your closet. The ones you wear to the office when you know you’ve got an important meeting. These are the “keepers”. The pieces that work for and with you and your body type and style.

Take the same approach with the “hidden in the corner” garments and let them go. Don’t think about the money you spent on them. Think about the new energy these garments are blocking because you keep holding on to something that doesn’t serve you.

We know it takes energy. But once you get started, it’s such a great process. It becomes an even bigger feeling of freedom and confidence to look at things you love (that love you back!).

And then your custom designed closet can be created so it works with the good choices you’ve made. The space that will allow your best to shine through. Isn’t that what we all want anyway?