Design drives may of our decisions, whether we realize it or not.  The things we surround ourselves with in our homes are all, at some level, design decisions. Here’s what’s trending now that you can either incorporate into your personal style statements or into your home:

We’ve Got The Blues

Blue is a strong color in design right now, trending towards deeper shades. Pairing it with warm golds is a terrific look. But if you’re not quite ready to paint out your closet in all blue, how about a blue velvet jewelry tray?


Metallics are a fun fashion neutral and they’re fantastic to use to amp up home design.  Copper tones and antiques bronze are really making strong statements. We’re seeing them paired with a wide variety of colors, that believe it or not, include mauves. Against white, they always look fresh.


Texture not only adds visual interest, but by the nature of what it is, adds its own textural context. As you put your hand on it each time, you get to “experience” things and not just “see” them. The same holds true for the popularity of “super mattes”. The smoothness that these convey makes you want to just keep on running your hand over the surface.

A Resurgence of Black

While black never really goes away, it hasn’t been a dominant trend lately. But keep your eyes peeled because it’s on its way back. And it will show up in new combinations that renew this stayed staple. Look for mixing it up with warm toned brass and copper.

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