In our current “work from everywhere” world, it’s even more important to have a home office that is set up to really work FOR you.

Determining things like what you easily need access to, what kind of lighting will allow you to best see your documents, how much storage you need for files or equipment, and what ergonomic and functional use layout works best for the space are all important factors.

And our design team loves working with people to help determine those things and then designing a working space around those needs.

In this home office, some of the project parameters included:

• Horizontal work surface space for two people

• Closed Storage to hide things. Client’s previous system was open shelving and she felt it always looked messy.

• Lots of space to spread out items while working on multiple projects at the same time.

• All wires hidden and out of sight

• Task and ambient lighting

• Space for a very large printer

• Tack board for pinning calendars and reminders

• Lots of file storage, with two of the drawers having key locks so personal items could be secured

• A desk orientation that allowed for a view out the window

• And last, but certainly not least, the client wanted this home office to be beautiful.

And while these project photos demonstrate visually how we accomplished that, here are some additional elements:

• Textured melamine – chosen for the interest that a textured material conveys as well as for the mid-tone wood color that harmonizes with the rest of the house.

• Five Piece Shaker Style doors because adding a 5-piece, profile door to a project amps up the style factor.

• Lighting that worked via a touch sensor for ease of use and connect-ability

• Cubbies in the corner because that space is typically difficult to access so by putting the cubbies there, it gave the client a “vertical” way to stay organized and keep her files within reach.

• Granite counter-tops for a high end finished look

• Framed Tack Board for posting key notes and reminders

• Base and Crown Molding trim to further customize the cabinetry.

And the end result – both stunning and organized. It’s a project we love that was designed by team member Jamie Wilson.

If you’re inspired to organize your office space – give us a call. We’d be delighted to schedule a complimentary in home consultation to see how we can help.