Home Office

A Home Office That Works

In our current “work from everywhere” world, it’s even more important to have a home office that is set up to really work FOR you. Determining things like what you easily need access to, what kind of lighting will allow…

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Making A Home Office Divine

Many of us work at least part of the time from a home office. That could be the dining room table or it could be a specific desk in an room designated as the home office in our house. We…

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Big Storage Ideas For Small Home Offices

We’re hard working Americans. And the more mobile we become with options to be connected via our “devices”, the more we tend to be “on the clock”. And the higher the expectation of productivity from our bosses (whether our boss…

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Multifaceted Office Space

The customer had just completed remodeling an area at ground level of their home by combining smaller spaces off the kitchen area into one larger room in which they wanted to have a multi-purpose office room that would combine the…

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A Home Office That’s Working

You do all of the work all of the time – so why not utilize home office organization to make your personal workspace really work for and with you. Try these design and home office organization tips to increase your…

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Home Office Harmony

With each 9-5 workday that goes by – more people join the ranks of those who work at home. And even if you have a dedicated space to do your work – and a door to close behind you when…

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