Organized garage workspaceQuick question for you – if you have a garage – are you able to park any of your cars in there?

Because statistically, one in four home owners say their garage is too cluttered to park their car in.

So, if you can relate to that, here’s how to remedy the situation and get your car back in to your garage.

Let’s start with addressing this “Big One”. It may feel daunting and your neighbors may think you’re a total junk-a-holic (while secretly seeing themselves in your mess). But follow these time tested, effective steps.

  1. Remove EVERYTHING that’s inside the garage. Take it all out so you have an empty garage.
  2. Categorize things as you’re emptying the space. Put similar things in the same area so you can see where you duplicates and what’s past its prime. What’s 95% used up and should be tossed. Toss it. And put your other gear in groups so things are all related – lawn things together, sports things together, household cleaning and chemicals together.
  3. Create a pile of things you don’t really need anymore, but could still be useful to someone else. Donate all of these items. Don’t bog yourself into thinking you’re going to sell it on ebay. Just release it. Gift it to another who could really benefit from it right now.
  4. Invest in some good organizational systems so you create a place for everything and don’t end up in the same mess you’re in now. That can be a professionally designed garage with work benches and drawers and cabinets with locks. Or it can be your own system of plastic bins and metal shelving.

Now let’s look at the “small stuff”. Parts and tools are small and get tossed all over the place. Give these items a dedicated space so you can always grab them when you need them. Drawers with dividers are a fantastic solution.

Organized garage workspaceTinker Time – Most men (and many women) want a space in the garage to “do their thing”. To work on projects or fix a broken toy or household item. The key solution here is to create a space for a dedicated workbench. Workbenches are great with butcher block tops because they can take a lot of abuse.

Free Up The Floor – Since you’ve got everything out of the garage, make sure that when you’re putting it back, you don’t put anything on the floor. It just gets in the way and prevents safe walking and car parking. Consider a professionally installed epoxy or polyurethane floor coating system. You’ll be amazed at the great look and function of these floor systems.

Another way you can free up the floor is to use the walls. Investigate systems and devices that allow you to hang bikes and garden tools, mops and brooms, as well as sporting equipment on the walls. It makes things visible and easily accessible.

And if you need additional help with freeing yourself from your garage messes and want to get those cars parked back in the garage – give us a call. We’ve got experts on hand ready to help.