Any multi-level house has stairs. And most people want to utilize this ready-made storage space as well as they can. As closet and storage designers, we discuss this space with our clients frequently.

Sometimes they want to put a desk in the space. Another really popular request is to add as much shelving as possible so they can store treasured “stuff”, because, let’s face it, if you’re storing it underneath stairs, you’re likely not using the items very often.

If you’re open to going beyond expected storage solutions for this space, here are some additional ideas:

Bike storage. You can get hooks to hold the bikes that can be installed either on the angled upper area or on the side wall. It makes for very easy access for people who ride bikes frequ

Bookshelves. This build out can be a bit more complicated if you’re really going for a “built-in” look. A simple approach is to buy some bookshelves or, better yet, be open to your designers perspective in conjunction with your budget. Don’t try filling in all of the space.

Bar cart. This is a great nook space to stash something on wheels that you don’t use on a daily basis, and a bar cart often fits that bill. You entertaining tools will be at the ready for when you’re entertaining, but out of the way otherwise.

Bathroom. This takes a contractor and things like plumbing and electrical, but it’s a really good use of this space.

Guest sleeping nook. With the right build out and an abundance of cushions and pillows, a sleeping (or nap taking) nook can be a really awesome way to utilize this space.

But you want to know the EASIEST use of this space?

Keep it open or put in one or two shelves (max) and store things like holiday decorations. These are often in big boxes, they’re only accessed once a year and can be stacked and blocked because you don’t need to get at them on a daily basis.ently but don’t want them blocking the path to the door.