Closet storage space is some of the most valuable space in your home.

It’s also the space where you can hide things from view, whether you don’t like seeing the clutter or you want to keep others from seeing it.

If  you’re investing in organizing this space so you get the most from it, you’re sure to want a terrific experience with an experienced designer. In order to help you achieve that goal, we took it upon ourselves to share some of the best questions you can ask your closet designer to be assured you’ll be happy with the results.

Here are those questions:

– How much experience does the designer have and has she/he worked on projects like yours before?

– What are the best elements of the company they work with? What differentiates their design solutions and products from those of other local closet companies?

– Do they have a favorite “go to” solution that they’ve seen work effectively time and again?

– Do they specialize in a certain style?

– Can they deliver what you want within your budget and timeline (this means that, as the client, you need to know both of these pieces of information and communicate about them with your designer early on).

– What’s their customer service/satisfaction process?

– Have they worked in your neighborhood (perhaps you know a neighbor and could see the work completed and ask the neighbor about their experience working with the company).

– Have them tell you about their installation team. Ours is awesome, loves their jobs and take great care in making sure home items are protected while we install your project.

– If you have a specific design/storage challenge – can they solve the problem as their normal scope of work. Sometimes the storage solution you want is more involved than a simple closet system with panels and shelves.

Having a discussion about specifics early on can save the issues that arise from miscommunication later on.

And just to ease your mind for a moment and tout the wonders of our own team – we are among the best in the country. Our design team has won more Top Shelf Design Awards than any other company. We’ve got extensive, excellent shop capabilities and love combining the two to get awesome results for your projects.