In some families, doing laundry is an everyday task – between fashion crazed teen girls who go through ten outfits in one day or boys athletic uniforms that need to be laundered after practice several times a week – it can feel like the Washer and Dryer are almost never shut off.

So how do you opens in a new windowplan an effective space so doing laundry can be easy and stress free?

Consider the following:

  • A horizontal surface for folding clothes – because let’s face it – many of those freshly laundered items need to be folded before they can be put away in your fabulously organized custom closets.
  • A rod or valet rail to hang things on hangers right as they come out of the dryer –saves ironing time and decreases wrinkling. You can also use these for air drying items.
  • Shelves for detergents and stain removers
  • A built-in ironing board – or a space to store your ironing board and iron.
  • A utility sink for hand washing
  • Designate a shelf/hanging space for each family member. If they’re taught early on to take the clean clothes from their section of the laundry room and put them away in their bedroom, mom’s job just got a whole lot easier.

Here are a couple of before and after shots of a laundry room remodel. You would never know it was the same space, would you?

Laundry room remodel Laundry room remodel

Laundry room remodel Laundry room remodel