Deciding to have custom work done in your home is a big step.. There can be lots of variables that contribute to the decisions you make. And those decisions drive look, function and price. So let’s take a look at what’s involved.

If your main goals are maximum function at the most efficient cost, then white melamine is your best material choice. It’s availability is widespread, as it’s been out in the market for decades. It’s a simple, straight forward, effective solution for closet storage solutions.

It’s the material most closet companies started with and still offer today.

If you’re interested in just “amping it up a bit”, then a wood tone melamine works beautifully. It’s the next level up in pricing, so you could expect your project to cost about 20% more.

Woodtone melamines add a level of warmth and customization to the look of project that white melamine does not. They also provide more a sense of style, because you can select a color that reflects your own.

Another thing you can do to enhance the look and feel of your project is to add profile doors and drawers; something like a raised panel or shaker style are popular. This does add to the cost, but it also adds to the look. We think it’s absolutely worth the additional investment.

A couple of additional benefits of building your closet in melamine is that the material is extremely durable. You just wipe it clean. And it won’t fade or change from sunlight the way real wood does.

So what if you really want to give yourself the best of the best? Then real wood veneer may be your material of choice. Veneers vary in price based upon lots of different factors, with the main ones being the species of wood and the way the veneers are cut.

You can use veneer at a more reasonable price point if you go with a clear finish in something like cherry or maple or oak. Once you add in staining, you’re adding in cost, as there are additional steps in the preparation and manufacturing of the product.

At Closet Organizing Systems, we offer a series of veneers in oak, cherry, maple and birch with a nice selection of stain colors. These choices are a terrific way to get real wood at a price that’s lower than a custom finish.

From a design perspective, if you’re going to do real wood, your project should have doors and drawers so you can see more of the material you’ve invested in. Most people don’t use veneer for reach in closets. We see it more in walk in closets or storage solutions that are stand alone (meaning they’re built units within the bedroom or other room in your home).

If you’re not sure what material works best for your style (and your budget), we’d love to have a conversation with you about your project. We’ll ask further questions to help define your goals and come up with a solution that works in both areas – style and investment.