Watch any show on HGTV that features a walk in closet and the joke will be that the huge space is good for fitting all of “her” stuff, but what about “his”?

Where’s the man of the house suppose to keep his wardrobe?

Well we know just what to do with “his” space.

Here’s our top picks and must know items/insights:

An average pair of men’s shoes is wider than an average pair of women’s shoes. Allow 9” of space for each pair of men’s shoes (so an 18” wide shelf will hold two pair of shoes). And this dimensions also allows for hampers and baskets that will fit into a section this size.

Closet rod alert – make sure there’s enough vertical distance between upper and lower rods to allow for shirt/jacket length. Men’s shirts are typically longer than women’s tops. And tall men require longer jacket lengths. You want to make sure to measure from the top of the hanger to the bottom of the garment so you have enough clearance to allow the clothing items to fit without dragging on the floor or the lower level of garments.

Simplicity rules. Most men are very visual creatures. That translates to wanting to easily see and access what they have. Drawers with lots of specific compartments and things behind doors seem to be second priorities for the male contingency.

Incorporate hooks – whether they’re for baseball hats, sweatpants or robes, hooks are an easy organizing solution.

Ottomans are another great addition from both a design and function perspective. We all need a place to sit to put on and take off our shoes. Styles for ottomans can be very masculine and stylish.

So if you want to do something life changing for one of the men in your life (or you just want them to be more organized) give us a call or hit reply. We’d be delighted to set up a personal consultation to see how we can help.