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Balancing Storage needs with Modern Decor

How Do You Balance Modern Decor With Your Need to Store and Hide Things?

Clean and simple design is trending.

So is tiny living. That means  many are getting the urge to lessen the burdens of keeping track of all their stuff, and all of their overhead, and wanting to get rid of the excess.

Sometimes a solution involves giving the grown children all of their own “kid stuff” from growing up (the awards, the artwork, the favorite toys). That can clean out a lot.

But what if they’re not ready for it? Or don’t want it? But you’re sentimentally attached to it. And attached to all of your own stuff as well.

How do you bring new design and storage into your space without having to give away or sell  all the stuff you love?

Photo by Paul Nicol | NP Marketing

Here are some ideas:

  • 1) Create a “wall” of closed cabinet storage that allows you to ide pounds and pounds of stuff. If you take a look around some of your rooms, maybe one or two of the walls are large enough that they could accommodate a built in wall of storage while still feeling spacious in the room.

    This is a terrific solution that’s great for you while you’re still living there and adds value to the home for whoever lives there later. People are always happy to have extra storage, especially if it hides things.

  • 2) We’re seeing lots of open shelves in kitchens now. Instead of having upper cabinets with doors, people are eliminating those and bringing in floating shelving that’s open. We love the look empty. We like the look when it’s organized with pretty dishes and glassware. We don’t like the look when the shelves are a catch all for all kinds of kitchen items.

    So, if it’s balance you’re trying to achieve, be leary of this open shelf concept. Maybe pick on small area to do it so you can get the look, but having it in your entire kitchen is going to force you to organize and purge. We’re not opposed to that. We just want to make sure you’re aware and ready.

    Floating shelves in a wall unit are much easier to take on because it’s likely you’re going to put photos and heirlooms and even books. All things that are “contained” and don’t get messed up from greasy fingers grabbing them to “add a bit more salt to the recipe”.

  • 3) If you’re building a home and considering your storage options, consider incorporating a couple of “utility” closets - spaces that are behind a closed door but have lots of shelves and drawers for you to stash all of your stuff. This allows for a clean living space and places for you to stash all of your stuff. That’s a definite win.

    If you’re interested in a personal space consultation to help figure out what to do in your home, one of our design consultants will be happy to meet with you and see what can be created to clean up and organize your home with style.