Craft / Game Room

Game On

Take a look around any public space, whether it’s a grocery store or a mall and you’ll see just about everyone walking around with a phone in their hand. We’re very attached to our electronic devices. Then many go home…

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How To Make Kid’s Space Rock

Designing and building storage space for kid’s can be a challenge.  On one hand, you want to have everything “uber organized”, with a specific place for every toy and clothing item. On the other, you know things change and evolve…

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Gift Wrapped Spaces

If the saying that it’s “better to give than to receive” is true, then having a dedicated space in your home that allows you to wrap gifts easily becomes a “must have” item because face it, we all know you’re…

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Six Tips for Crafty Storage Spaces

designated space designed for activities like scrap booking and gift wrapping is increasingly popular. And if you’re one of the lucky people who has a space that can be utilized for these activities, here are some suggestions on what to…

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