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Big Storage Ideas For Small Home Offices

2 sided work surface

We're hard working Americans. And the more mobile we become with options to be connected via our “devices”, the more we tend to be “on the clock”.

And the higher the expectation of productivity from our bosses (whether our boss is someone else or ourselves).

So setting up your workspace so it's effective can save you lots of time and make you more productive.

Here are some great tips to help you do that:

Go Vertical – Lots of professionals prefer “horizontal” organization (you know, the stacks of paper that are piled up according to projects that are laying all over the desk). We're suggesting you think about going vertical, meaning utilizing wall space as part of your organization system. Think about shelving, hooks, bulletin boards, dry erase board or chalk boards to help you “see” what you're working on and making it easy to access. You can also attach light fixtures with movable arms to wall space so you don't give up any desk surface by having a lamp sitting on your desk top. 

Pull-Out Shelves – Pull-Out shelves can be built into desks or wall units. The beauty of these is that they can be pulled out when you need additional work space and pushed back when you don't need them, so they don't occupy permanent space in your room.

Dual-Sided Work Surfaces – If you're not the only family member who works a lot, then designing your space so that you have a horizontal surface that's deep enough for two people to work opposite each other works great. If space allows, then a counter or desk top surface that is 30” or more allows for the space of two laptops, files and room to work. Just be sure you have enough space for a good office chair and maneuverability when doing the layout and design of the room.

Shelves Below –  When designing closet space, we don't recommend putting shelving below hanging because the hanging is typically deeper than the items you put on the shelves, so access becomes a challenge and things get lost. However, in a desk scenario, where most office supplies are small, we love the idea of having some shelving below your desk surface (as long as you still have space for your knees). You can keep extra supplies or books that you don't need on a daily basis in this hidden storage area.

Have Some Fun With Your Tools – There are more colors and styles and options on the market than ever before, so we did some searching and curated a few top options that we consider the coolest desk accessories available. And not only are they cool, but they're functional. We're always thinking double duty.

usb fishtank and desk traffic light rotary style cellphone holders and thunder bolt power strip

And if you need some double duty design help, please give us a call to book your own personalized consultation to see how we can help improve the functionality and design of your work life (or your homework life).

Cut the Clutter

spring color blockingWe're all ready for spring to be sprung, and yet odds are good we've forgotten some of the New Year's resolutions that we made with such good intention. 

So, here are some ideas to help you “spring” back in to action and make some traction on the resolutions you made to “be more organized”, because, hey, it's time to recharge your organization resolutions and allow them to bloom in time for spring.

It's Inventory Time

Yes, it's inventory time. That means you need to stop yourself (right there inside your closet) before you go out to buy the latest spring trend. You need to get rid of some items that are no longer “on trend”.

Be honest.

Look at the pieces you've worn a lot because they were so hip and stylish, but are now looking worn or just don't feel current. Take two or three items, put them in a bag or box that's stashed in the back of your closet and leave them there. We'll add to it over time until it's full and ready to be moved from your closet to your trunk to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill or consignment shop.

Now Start Cutting Clutter in Other Parts of Your Home

linen storage bin

Start this process with a tape measure instead of a shopping trip.

People have a tendency to make a run to places like The Container Store or Target and buy some visually appealing containers and bring them home with hopes of solving their clutter issues.

It will work much more effectively if you measure the kinds of things you need to store before you go to the store. Doing this makes things more efficient and doesn't leave you with cute, half-empty containers in your closets that aren't quite the right fit for your stuff.

And if you're really looking to increase that zen-like feeling, keep your baskets and containers in the same or similar colors. Mixing colors and finishes together leads to a more cluttered look.  It's fine if you want to spice up your maple colored closet with a dark top and handles, but then make sure any accessories you add are harmonious in color and feel so it all flows seamlessly (just like you do in your life!).

Doors Aren't Just For Opening and Closing

Doors can be terrific spots for adding organization. In small spaces, you need to utilize vertical space as well as horizontal space – so - don't forget the doors. Using them to increase storage capacity is also an easy way to stay de-cluttered because the things you use frequently can be stored within easy reach.


spring 2013 colors

And as a last step, consider a little closet CPR. This term pops up every now and then in different organizing articles, and it's a good way to remember what you should do – Categorize, Purge and Rearrange.

When you're getting ready to change out your wardrobe from winter to spring, take a careful look at each item and categorize it. Is it a fabulous piece that you love wearing? If not, it gets purged (so place it in that bag or box that is in the corner of your closet). Next, take the items you still love and rearrange things. Look at things with new eyes. Consider pairing things together that you haven't worn that way before. Different color top under your favorite blazer instead of the white one you always wear. Or trendier shoes mixed with that traditional suit to spice things up just in in time to add spring into your step for the new season.

And if you need help with a new closet design after you've done all this work, give us a call. We'd be delighted to come out and give you some additional ideas on ways to maximize your storage with a newly designed closet system.


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