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Combining Colors for Creative Closet Designs

textured custom storage unitMixing colors and materials in a “mix and match” design solution continues to gain popularity.  We’ve seen the look featured in kitchens the last year or so and now it’s moving full steam ahead and going beyond changing the color of the island.

What’s trending now is being bold in the mix and match approach. We’re seeing things like brown drawers and white doors or a pop of one bright color incorporated into a more subdued overall theme.

We’re even seeing the mixing and matching of hardware, with a pull for the doors and and knob for the drawers. And not of the same style, but totally going outside the lines and incorporating something different.

So if you’re looking to add your own personality to your closet design, or any custom storage design solution in your home, color is a great tool to incorporate.

Material selections have expanded tremendously. And that’s been driven by technology that allows for more latitude in not only color, but texture being incorporated. And we’ve got lots of options for both.

This project shows the combination of two different colors, both in a textured melamine. The drawer and door pulls harmonize with the darker tone material and add a bit of dramatic effect for the overall storage design.

Another way to bring in contrasting color is going dark for the masculine/His side of a closet, and white for the feminine/Her side of a closet.

custom storage color combinationsOr you can bring in the color on just one area, perhaps a kitchen or closet island or a bank of drawers, as show in this project. The client just wanted to create some dramatic affect and the color achieves that goal.

Or you can be really bold and pull together two colors that are furthest apart on the color spectrum - black and white. Here we’ve “framed” this TV wall unit with black and surrounded the television in white with just a tight black frame around it.

We’ve also incorporated glass, lighting and closed storage for a result that’s really beautiful and exactly what the client wanted.

And we’d love to do the same for you. Our experienced design team is always happy to discuss creative storage solutions with you. Just give us a call and we’ll set up a convenient time to meet with you and start creating the project of your dreams.





Why A White Closet Is Always Timeless

The “color” white lives in our worlds in all kinds of ways and at all levels - from crisp linen sheets to fluffy, super soft toilet paper.

And when it comes to white, we humans tend to do things like buy white dishes so we can decorate around them with holiday napkins and floral arrangements.

We buy white towels because we can throw them all in the washing machine with a dash of bleach and we’re good to go.

But why do we also choose white for long-standing home items like cabinets and moldings?

What makes white so timeless, and as such, a smart investment?

It goes beyond just selecting white because we’re afraid of making a color mistake.

The simple color of white is clean and simple and offers a look of sophistication whether it’s traditional, contemporary or transitional.

The neutrality of white, the absence of contrast, provides a sense of calm that can help in unseen ways with our over stimulated senses.

White visually expands a space. So when we take it specifically to closets, that can be a key factor in getting the organized, peaceful, spacious feel we all long for in our closets.

So if your wardrobe is filled with the brightest stars from the runway, white serves as an excellent backdrop. It’s a great closet neutral that can show off the true colors of your wardrobe. 

And you can count on it standing the test of time. So at the risk of taking you down a scary path with a history lesson, white also represents cleanliness and good sanitation. Not romantic, to be sure, but who doesn’t want a clean closet?

Yes, we’ve moved light years beyond Henry Ford’s quote about “you can have it any color you’d like, as long as it’s white” and into such hyper personalization that we really could build you a closet with photos of your children screened onto the door panels. But really, is that who and what you want in your closet? Or would you rather have something that will serve both form and function to make your life easier for years to come (much unlike your children’s tendencies).

We thought so.

Six Design Trends to Keep Your House in Style

Have you've looked around your house lately and thought things needed an update? Maybe the pillows are tired and the accessories have been the same for years. Here are six trends to jump start your style.  Adding any of these elements will give both you and your space a lift.

brass fixture tie rack and knobselegant print interior design trend

The Big Brass Band we want to say “say it isn't so” - but it's true. Brass hardware has returned and is showing up in the latest home projects in a variety of way. If you like it, it's a pretty easy transition. You can switch out some handles, perhaps get a brass lamp and vase or candle holder. It will give you the update without the long-term commitment. Here we're showing the brass look inside a closet – just in case you want to make a longer term commitment!

Simply Elegant – think classic kinds of prints. These are great if they match your personality. They have good staying power, as anything classic does. Pictured here are window coverings from Home Decor.

gloss cabinet and table trends

Gloss – love this trend. Technology in material development allows for using gloss materials that don't require as big of a financial commitment as they used to. A great way to incorporate a small amount is to just do a few doors or drawers. Then in a few years, if you've planned correctly, you can change those out for a different material.

Bright Colors – another fun trend that's also somewhat driven by technology. We now have the ability to make all kinds of things in all kinds of colors. And bright isn't just for kids anymore.

antique home updating elementsman cave design trends

Antiques – perhaps this is a fondness for a simpler time when things seemed to move more slowly or an appreciation for the paths we have walked in order to get to where we are. And the paths our grandparents have walked. Antiques can honor family heritage or just be incorporated for beauty and tradition.

Sophisticated Man Caves – never really liked this term, but it seems to work for the men and that's what matters. Dedicating space that allows boys to be boys is a great idea on many levels. It continues to be in demand and evolving. We're seeing bar space and gadget space and an overdose of electronics. All fun and fancy.