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Garage Envy

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

custom garage with urinalMost people who live in houses with garages aren't able to park their vehicles inside because they store so many other items in that space. On line sites like Yahoo put the number at around 50%. Other sources like put the number as high as 85%.

Some can't park all of their vehicles in the garage because they have three or more vehicles (and bikes) and a two-car garage. Or they have to buy very expensive parking spaces in city environments and just can't swing the additional expense.

Of the people who aren't able to get the two cars they own into their two car garages, the biggest reason is because they have other "stuff" inside the garage. That stuff can include things like power tools and equipment to do yard work as well as children's toys, bikes, skateboards, bats and balls. You name it. It gets tossed into the garage.

Which makes this space even more prime for custom storage solutions. You need to take advantage of the wall space and even the ceiling space to store these kinds of items.

So here are some suggestions for creating "Garage Envy" in your neighborhood:

From a storage and function perspective

  • garage with slat wallShelving is a must. Solid shelving is much better than wire shelving because it can hold more weight and things won't fall through the open slots in the wire.

  • At least one section with doors and a lock are helpful because you can safely store chemicals and cleaning products and not have to worry about kids getting in to them by accident.

  • Another excellent way to utilize the walls is with a “Slat Wall”. This is plastic sheeting with grooves in it. The manufacturers make all kinds of baskets and sports equipment hooks and things so you can both see and store your items. And devices are adjustable and easy to move around, so as your kids get older and equipment and toys change, so can the location of your storage solutions.

From an "I want that" perspective

  • Add color. You can do it with the just the edgebanding or with the doors and drawer fronts or with the entire system. The garage is a terrific place to add a favorite color since the space typically involves lots of gray cement.

  • Add a television. And this can go beyond just the "game day gathering". If you're organized enough and have the space, having a television in your garage is a very cool thing that allows you to keep an eye on the game while still tinkering with your toys. What could be better?

  • Add a "dog wash station". Having a hose and water in the garage can be useful for cleaning up many messes, the most popular and frequent being hosing down that muddy dog before he sets paw inside the house.

     custom enclosed dog wash

We realize that most people don't have the resources to add these "I want that" features, but isn't it fun to look and dream? Or add some things to your Houzz ideabooks? Connect with us on our page for more ideas:

Closet System Industry Leaders Recognized - Including Closet OS!

Saturday, July 27, 2013
Winners of the 2011 Top Shelf Awards were announced February 23 at the CLOSETS Top Shelf Award Presentation during the 7th annual Closets & Home Organization Conference & Expo. The Top Shelf Awards recognize closet system industry leaders, and Closet OS is honored to once again have been included.

Closet OS received a Top Shelf Award in the garage category for this cool remodeling project, which included custom red and black garage cabinets.

 custom garage cabinet design chicago - Closet OS

custom designed garage cabinets - Closet OS Chicago

custom garage cabinets by Closet OS

This year marks the 10th time Closet OS has been nominated as a finalist for their custom closet system design and expertise. This most recent award is the 8th we have received in the past three years.

Why Spend Money on Garage Organization?

Saturday, July 27, 2013
There are great reasons to invest in garage cabinets, build garage shelving and figure out how to organize your garage. And while making room for your car - especially in the Chicago area where parking is at a premium due to the severe blizzard that hit at the beginning of the month - is a good reason, there are many more.

cluttered garageYour garage space is some of the least expensive “real estate” to improve considering that is already part of your housing expense. Plus, you would be surprised how many people still spend money to rent a separate storage space or still park their car outside the garage rather than improving the form and functions on one's own garage. This can be easily achieved with building garage shelving or adding garage cabinets. Figuring out how to organize your garage will not only improve your psyche but will also enhance the investment in your home right out of the gate.

With garage clutter - you’re constantly reminded of all the “stuff” that needs to be organized, put away, thrown away or donated. Just seeing all the things we have accumulated over the year can often drain your energy in a negative way. It’s a place where people tend to carelessly just dump things and rarely clean up. And there’s usually no organized, dedicated home like garage cabinets for the stuff that gets dropped, so it all turns in to big piles that are incredibly difficult to tackle. So you don’t, and your stuff just sits there for years.

Cleaning up and getting organized will have a positive impact on both your state of mind and your way of life – whether you add any organizational system or not.

organized garage by Closet OSAdding some sort of system will have the added benefit of making it much easier to stay organized over the long term. Building garage shelving or adding a garage cabinet here and there can go a long way when considering how to organize your garage.

You plan what needs to be stored and you create a storage solution for those items. Some are very specific – like roller blade equipment, or baskets for gardening tools, or a hook for a ladder.

Other solutions involve building garage shelving, drawers and garage cabinets with doors (and locks) to keep chemicals and solvents out of children’s reach. Just having things behind doors helps the out of sight out of mind principle.

So if you’re looking for a long term investment with a good rate of return and an improved state of being – getting your garage organized should top the list.


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