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Color Trends and How To Put Them Into Your Closet

Since we like being on the leading edge, we're jumping ahead to 2014 to take a peak at what's trending on the color horizon and how that translates into your  home environment.

Color spurs emotion and creates atmosphere. It alters mood and impacts how we react to things, whether that's clothing or room design.

So what kind of mood do you think the country is in? What colors will be seeing a bit of a resurgence and which are a new twist?

Experts from Sherwin Williams ( and the Pantone Color Institute ( see the following:

shades of grey color pantones

Shades of Gray

You'll see more than 50 shades of gray and it has nothing to do with best sellers at Barnes & Noble. Gray in all its' shades has been making its' way back into environments for the past year and is coming on strong. Or muted, if you're being literal.

grey melamine closet trendThe closet industry has had a standard gray melamine offering for decades (though sales have not been very robust in recent years). So if you're really excited about this somewhat sedate color, you can do it very cost efficiently. And if you don't want to make too much of a commitment, mix it with some white or a darker wood tone for a contemporary spin.

You can also look at newer shades (remember, I said there are more than 50) to be on the leading edge of the trend, but your fashion-forwardness will require an increase in budget.

soft white color closet trend

Light. Delicate. Simple. Soft.

- These are the terms association with some of the Sherwin-Williams colors with names like “Steamed Milk”, “Balanced Beige” and even “Non-Chalant White”.

This trend is also easy to incorporate into your environments with materials that you can readily find (similar to gray). Of course, there are always new spins on standard offerings, but the budget-friendly options can still give a nod to your fine design aesthetic.

Science Meets Fantasy

Not just influenced by “green design”, but influenced by “bio-design” (inspired by nature at the molecular level), this color trend “incorporates a merging of architecture, industrial design and art that integrate living systems” according to Sherwin-Williams. Their new paint options include “Library Pewter”, “Relic Bronze” and “Sealskin”.

The pewter and bronze can be incorporated into custom storage solutions most readily through hardware (handles, hinges, accessories). Or, you could make a statement with one of these colors by selecting an on-trend material for your counter top surface. What I love about this idea is that you get the opportunity to select from the coolest material options with over-dosing on a trend.

brass fixture hardware trend

Cultural Ties

While America is often referred to as the “melting pot”, many of us embrace our roots and the culture in which we were raised. Honoring tradition and heritage through color is a great methodology. Colors include “Ceremonial Gold”, “Georgian Bay” and “Capri”.

The return of brass gives nod to this trend in terms of hardware, in both shiny and matte finishes, and includes several versions of oil-rubbed bronze. You can incorporate this into lighting fixtures as well.

So if you'd like to give a new “nod” to some of the space in your home – give us a call so we can come out and help you move in to what's trending.

Six Design Trends to Keep Your House in Style

Have you've looked around your house lately and thought things needed an update? Maybe the pillows are tired and the accessories have been the same for years. Here are six trends to jump start your style.  Adding any of these elements will give both you and your space a lift.

brass fixture tie rack and knobselegant print interior design trend

The Big Brass Band we want to say “say it isn't so” - but it's true. Brass hardware has returned and is showing up in the latest home projects in a variety of way. If you like it, it's a pretty easy transition. You can switch out some handles, perhaps get a brass lamp and vase or candle holder. It will give you the update without the long-term commitment. Here we're showing the brass look inside a closet – just in case you want to make a longer term commitment!

Simply Elegant – think classic kinds of prints. These are great if they match your personality. They have good staying power, as anything classic does. Pictured here are window coverings from Home Decor.

gloss cabinet and table trends

Gloss – love this trend. Technology in material development allows for using gloss materials that don't require as big of a financial commitment as they used to. A great way to incorporate a small amount is to just do a few doors or drawers. Then in a few years, if you've planned correctly, you can change those out for a different material.

Bright Colors – another fun trend that's also somewhat driven by technology. We now have the ability to make all kinds of things in all kinds of colors. And bright isn't just for kids anymore.

antique home updating elementsman cave design trends

Antiques – perhaps this is a fondness for a simpler time when things seemed to move more slowly or an appreciation for the paths we have walked in order to get to where we are. And the paths our grandparents have walked. Antiques can honor family heritage or just be incorporated for beauty and tradition.

Sophisticated Man Caves – never really liked this term, but it seems to work for the men and that's what matters. Dedicating space that allows boys to be boys is a great idea on many levels. It continues to be in demand and evolving. We're seeing bar space and gadget space and an overdose of electronics. All fun and fancy.


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