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Closet OS Earns Angie’s List Super Service Award for 7th Consecutive Year

Angie’s List 2016 Super Service AwardCloset Organizing Systems has once again earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of customer service to members of the local services marketplace.

Companies that can meet higher demands without missing a beat in their exemplary performance standards truly do stand apart from their peers. Only a fraction of the closet companies in Chicagoland and surrounding areas were able to achieve this.

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2016 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade, pass a background check, and be in good standing with Angie’s List.

“Angie’s List has provided us with a 2016 Super Service Award (SSA) for being a top Closet System provider in our serving markets. This is the 9th award from Angie’s List and 7th year running. “We are honored to be recognized and acknowledged by Angie’s List and their member base for offering superior service in the closet industry.” Bill Curran, Owner of Closet Organizing Systems

Make Special Holidays Less Stressful With An Organized Gift Wrap Area

Gift Wrapping is a whole lot easier with all of your supplies within arm’s reach. Reduce clutter and stay organized this holiday season with a designated gift wrapping area. By staying orderly with your wrapping papers and packaging supplies will help make the holidays less overwhelming and let you have more time to spread holiday cheer.

gift wrapping area

Choose a designated area. Extra space or an open corner area in an office, basement, utility room or even a spare bedroom will work well. Make sure you have a sturdy and spacious desk or table top for a good working surface. A desk with drawers will provide storage for bows, ribbons, tissue paper, holiday cards and gift tags.

Maximize the cleanliness and organization of your gift wrapping area. Use wall mounted dowels to display and provide easy access to your favorite gift wrapping papers and ribbons. Additional paper storage can be provided with an umbrella stand, tall decorative basket or even a tall garbage can next to the area.

Cubbies with labels and shelving above the gift wrapping area provide a designated space for tape, scissors, bows, pens, markers greeting cards, thank you cards and decorations. Add some personality to your custom gift wrap area with colorful caddy’s or baskets for even more supplies.

wrapping station

Gift Wrap Area Extras. A Cork or Bulletin board will display invitations for upcoming events and serve as a reminder to keep track of your holiday and party invites. A wireless speaker, or radio to play the holiday tunes and get you in the holiday spirit while wrapping all those presents. A stool is also a good idea to get you off your feet while you work because we all know how much work it can be to wrap all those presents, especially if you have a big family or little ones!

Let Closet Organizing Systems get you started by designing a custom gift wrap area for you today. Give us a call, we promise you will love it! Happy Holidays!

garage custom gift wrapping area

Why A White Closet Is Always Timeless

The “color” white lives in our worlds in all kinds of ways and at all levels - from crisp linen sheets to fluffy, super soft toilet paper.

And when it comes to white, we humans tend to do things like buy white dishes so we can decorate around them with holiday napkins and floral arrangements.

We buy white towels because we can throw them all in the washing machine with a dash of bleach and we’re good to go.

But why do we also choose white for long-standing home items like cabinets and moldings?

What makes white so timeless, and as such, a smart investment?

It goes beyond just selecting white because we’re afraid of making a color mistake.

The simple color of white is clean and simple and offers a look of sophistication whether it’s traditional, contemporary or transitional.

The neutrality of white, the absence of contrast, provides a sense of calm that can help in unseen ways with our over stimulated senses.

White visually expands a space. So when we take it specifically to closets, that can be a key factor in getting the organized, peaceful, spacious feel we all long for in our closets.

So if your wardrobe is filled with the brightest stars from the runway, white serves as an excellent backdrop. It’s a great closet neutral that can show off the true colors of your wardrobe. 

And you can count on it standing the test of time. So at the risk of taking you down a scary path with a history lesson, white also represents cleanliness and good sanitation. Not romantic, to be sure, but who doesn’t want a clean closet?

Yes, we’ve moved light years beyond Henry Ford’s quote about “you can have it any color you’d like, as long as it’s white” and into such hyper personalization that we really could build you a closet with photos of your children screened onto the door panels. But really, is that who and what you want in your closet? Or would you rather have something that will serve both form and function to make your life easier for years to come (much unlike your children’s tendencies).

We thought so.

Trending Closet Materials

Material makeup has a big impact on the design and building of a closet. If you're one of the people who's always "on trend", here's the latest in closet design materials so you can incorporate the ones best suited to your own personal style.

We've moved past the days of ornate design, cumbersome cabinetry and fancy details in mouldings and rosettes.

Today it's:

  1. - Clean Lines
  2. - Uncomplicated Design
  3. - Color and Texture

And texture is dominating the landscape. It can be visual and tactile. It can be rough, linear, embossed or even smooth, depending upon the material you select.

And you can mix it up. By that we mean you can finish part of the designed space in one color/texture and another part in a solid. You frequently see this style in kitchen designs. The kitchen island will be a dark wood and the cabinets are light or white. You can also spice up your garage space or create a built-in wall unit with a combination of materials.

You can balance it out. Sometimes too much texture is just that – too much! Consider the above option to create more a more balanced, soothing feeling and incorporate neutrals. Selecting a neutral color (like off white) with a textured material is a great way to balance designs out.

Go Sideways. We're not talking about the wine-drinking kind of sideways from the movie of the same title. We're talking about grain direction here. When incorporating large doors or drawers, running the grain in a horizontal direction is absolutely on trend.

And what are some suggestions for great ways to mix and match to get your perfect closet combination?

Here are some of our favorites:

Physiological Benefits of Closet Organization

Who would have thought, it feels so good to be organized? Reducing clutter and systemizing your belongings is food for the soul. Closet organization is a great start to eliminating untidiness and benefiting both your mind and body.

Did you know removing excess clutter from the home can drastically eliminate the time spent on housework? Not overloading the walls with family photos and artwork and avoiding to clutter shelves with books and nick-knacks make for a visually appealing and cleaner home. Putting the laundry in the washer in a timely fashion, utilizing storage bins or baskets, also attribute to freeing up space in the home.

closet clear bin storage 

When everyday essentials that are used daily are in constant disarray, this can often lead to simple tasks, such as quickly putting together an outfit, to become more draining and hectic than necessary.

People often get overwhelmed on where to start when their personal items are in disorder, and this causes unnecessary psychological stress. Working with professionals can alleviate some of that stress; they can assist with prioritizing your belongings and develop personalized storage solutions. Closet Organizing Systems has a team of skilled professionals that can come to your organization rescue.

Staying on top of your organization can be especially helpful in developing a more consistent schedule, and make one more efficient. In the end, organization can free up time, and conserve your mental and physical energy, to experience the other wonders of your life that give it meaning and joy.

closet belongings organization 

Organization With A View

Why not turn the unused space in your window area into extra seating and storage? Window benches are gaining popularity in homes. This type of built-in bench located under a window in the home is also referred to as a banquette. Built-in bench style window seating can be incorporated into many areas of a home and can be custom crafted to flow with the symmetry of a window area. Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, walk-in closets, staircase landings and foyers are a few choice locations for a window bench or banquette.

L Shaped Window Seat 

Certain window bench locations may cause a glare or added heat from it's sun exposure. Selecting window coverings, such as blinds or shades which complement the room’s surroundings can make the bench more enjoyable and comfortable. In a high traffic area like a kitchen or family room, window-seat cushions crafted with outdoor fabric will prevent sun fading and hold up to more wear and tear. Thick cushions, similar to couch cushion depth will also provide good back support.

Windows located in the corner of a room provide an excellent location for an L-shaped, straight window bench seat. This is an excellent way to add drawer storage to your window seat build. Curved bays or windows with radiators tucked beneath can call for clever solutions in which a window seat, bench or banquette would be a perfect solution.

A window bench seat across a straight wall gives instant built-in storage and can be painted to match surrounding furnishings. Adding drawers and custom cabinetry to the banquette is a great way to have your seating area multi-functional. There are many stylish and inventive ways to create a picture perfect window seat and make the most out of an ordinary window space in your home.

Walk In Closet Window Bench Seat 

Bookworm Storage Ideas

Embrace your inner bookworm and incorporate your favorite books into organizational spaces around your home or office. Classic books and novels on display create a timeless feel. Art, Nature, Design and Hobby books can inspire masterpieces in design or crafting areas. Cocktail recipe books are fun to have on hand to whip up some drinks while entertaining guests.

Impress your guests with a custom entryway cabinet and put some of your bookworm materials out to show. This contemporary entry locker cabinetry includes a lift up bench top that provides storage under the seating bench for additional reading materials. The accent lighted display shelving showcases your prized titles. Add a few of your favorite nick-knacks or photo frames to the shelves to make your bookworm area more inviting.

custom entryway book storage

Place Cocktail, Mock tail, Coffee or drink recipe books out for viewing in a bar or beverage area. Books will serve as motivation for you to take your refreshments to the next level. Forget serving boring drinks at your next get together, try something fancy and wow your guests. A wet bar incorporates a beverage center, sink area, and ice maker making an ideal area for serving drinks away from a typically congested kitchen area. The counter also gives plenty of space to open up those recipe books and start crafting some brews.

Art, Hobby and Crafting books add playful color into this kids white melamine craft room. The peninsula work surface and cabinet counter tops are made with a birch wood veneer and a light brown stain that contrast nicely with the colors form the book shelves and artwork. The table makes as an ideal area to dig into your book and still have additional space to sketch or craft next to it.

craftroom book storage

We hope you are inspired to dust off your favorite books and get them back into your life. Or, get the desire to add some new titles into your home or office spaces . There are so many ways to incorporate them into existing areas in your spaces. Feel free to stack them horizontally, vertically, or both. Whatever your personal bookworm preference may be, there is always room somewhere and time to be inspired.

Snow White Master Closet

A white closet is a classic, timeless closet. It can still express personality. It can definitely keep you organized and looking stylish.

We had a great opportunity to design one of these timeless, white closets that was part of an expanded bonus space above an existing garage and located right off the master bedroom.

The layout before we were brought in had two reach in closets that really did not provide much in terms of storage and they took away space from the bedroom.

The original version of the newly proposed plan was to have flat 8 foot ceilings. We convinced them that leaving the pitched ceilings and actually dry walling the joists would give them more space to work with and bring them closer to their desired goal. By incorporating the idea of dry walling the joists on the angled roof lines, we were able to make this space look more like like a luxurious closet suite and less like a crawl space.

The client wanted to display her personally prized collection of shoes and handbags. She also wanted a make-up counter (which we up-lit). And then, a more unusual request for a bedroom closet, she wanted a wrapping station incorporated into the design.

We used a frosty white melamine with a charcoal glazed raised panel for the doors and drawers. We also incorporated large crown moulding. All of this worked in harmony with the the existing wall color and millwork to create a clean, snow white look.

The special features on the makeup area include a light box tray with a frosted glass insert routed into the counter top, in counter lighting, large framed viewing mirror , side make-up storage drawers, blow dryer holster and upper storage cabinets with LED down lighting.

It's a closet space that works well for the client. Why not give us a call so we can design a closet space that works well for you?

Game On

Take a look around any public space, whether it’s a grocery store or a mall and you’ll see just about everyone walking around with a phone in their hand.

We’re very attached to our electronic devices.

Then many go home and fire up the gaming devices for an even deeper digital experience.

And some don’t even wait that long. Their gaming on their phones all day long.

And that rolls into “Gaming Spaces”.

gaming space with blue led lighting

What’s a Gaming Space?

In basic terms, it’s a space in your home where things like WII and XBox can be plugged in and played. Oftentimes, this ends up in the same room as your main television space.

So if you’re lucky enough to be able to designate a specific room or area to the “gaming” aspect of life, here are some suggestions for getting the most out of the space:

You’re going to need to incorporate AV and surround sound and this takes planning. A tip on this is that your base speaker needs to be supported on the floor and not connected to the surrounding cabinets in any way. The reason for this is because of the vibration from the bass. It can cause distortion to other electronic devices and can also distort the games you’re playing.

av gaming room with projection screen

If you’re using a projection screen, we would need all of your specs on that to make sure the cabinetry is built to fit within those parameters. These days the bigger the better and so is the quality of the gaming experience.

You’ll need some glass. And by that, we mean that you’ll need either open cabinets or cabinets with glass doors that allow your infrared remote controls to work smoothly with easy signal connection. Infrared (IR) remote controls have limited range and generally only work in the same room as the AV component it controls.

Lighting is another important issue to address. If your gaming space incorporates other things like pool tables or card tables, that light needs to be bright enough for you to see what you’re doing. But if you’re playing XBox, one of the simplest solutions is dimmable, recessed lighting. And include plenty of table lamps. They can easily change mood and lighting levels (key for people approaching the bifocal stage of life).

traditional wood gaming av media center

Soundproofing is another issue to discuss with your contractor. We already mentioned the bass. But if you’re upstairs trying to prepare dinner while the kids are downstairs gaming, you don’t really want it to be “all about that bass”. Have this conversation and decide on your solution very early in the planning stages of your project because some inexpensive insulation materials can employed before dry walling. There are also options which can include using surface mounted decorative acoustical panels.

Cover your wiring needs at this point as well. Who wants to see big fat black cables everywhere?

Cabinetry can be industrial or traditional. We can develop this in any style you prefer, as long as we have all the technical and specification information up front so it’s all designed to create a win for everyone at the gaming table.

Closet Organizing Systems Earns Top Shelf Awards for 2016

Over the past five years Closet Organizing Systems has won a total of 13 Top Shelf Design Awards and 5 runner up nominations from CLOSETS magazine. For the year of 2016, in the Home Office Over 150 square feet category, Dan Gagnon received the award for his AAA Walnut Office Wall Unit project. Also awarded, in the Closet Laminate Over 18 linear feet category, Donna Siben received an award for her Glamorous Double Master Closet Retreat project. We would like to thank everyone for all of their amazing work and dedication!

AAA Walnut Office Wall Unit

The AAA Walnut Office Wall Unit was designed to achieve a modern high end look using AAA grade plain sliced sequenced matched walnut veneer. The cabinetry was lightly stained to more closely match the existing wood work in the home. Slotted upper fascia sections were used for ventilation openings and rebound style touch latches were used to eliminate the need for visible hardware. LED light strips and puck lighting aid in showcasing display areas.

Glamorous Double Master Closet Retreat

The Glamorous Double Master Closet Retreat project was part of a major renovation with the closet being one of the largest square footage spaces in the design. The closet was designed from floor to ceiling with cabinets spanning the top and wrapping around the corners to connect the three sections of this closet. The narrow island is used to house ‘His’ shoes while ‘Her’ shoes are showcased on a wall of open shelving. Seventy-one drawers were needed to accomplish enough storage for personal items. The closet was constructed of White Melamine and traditional raised panel faces along with Extra-large crown molding and fascia buildup span and wrap around the entire closet. This closet is also graced with an ironing center cabinet, safe, tilt out hamper and pull out narrow tall cabinets to house necklaces and scarves, pull out mirror, belt racks, tie & belt butlers and valet rods. The island counter-tops are made with High Pressure Laminate to match the hardwood floor.

CLOSETS magazine founded the Top Shelf Design Awards program to honor the best residential closet and garage designs across the United States. Judges include leading industry peers who evaluate the entries in terms of their overall appearance, ingenuity, functionality of design and creativity. All winning entries will be featured in CLOSETS magazine.

Visit the ClosetOS Top Shelf gallery page to see more of Closet Organizing Systems award winning designs.