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Gift Wrapped Spaces

gift wrapping counterIf the saying that it's “better to give than to receive” is true, then having a dedicated space in your home that allows you to wrap gifts easily becomes a “must have” item because face it, we all know you're a “giver”!

So what sort of function is a must have in this space? Here are some great things to consider:

gift wrap kitchen cabinetHorizontal Surface Counter Top – you need a place to actually do your wrapping. So, make sure you incorporate counter top surface at a comfortable height that allows you to lay out a large piece of wrapping paper and spin your boxes around while your taping and attaching ribbons. And be sure you can comfortably stand in front of this space. An overhang on the counter top is helpful in this situation as is open storage below so you don't have to move out of the way to open drawers.

Wrapping Paper Rolls – these work well with one of two options. Either standing up in a drawer that is deep enough to keep them from falling over OR on a dowel or rod of some sort that allows you to  just pull the paper, tear the right size and wrap.

Ribbons – ribbon is really easy to access if you are able to have it on some kind of small dowel rod so you can easily pull the length you need. You just need to be sure that your rod is not bigger than the traditionally smaller hole sizes at the center of any spool of ribbon.
ribbon storage ideasribbon spool storage using laundry basket
There are also some additional interesting ideas for ribbon storage that you can DIY. Consider plastic baskets with holes that allow you to pull ribbon through the holes for access.  These photos can inspire some ideas of your own. We found them on Houzz, a really fun website dedicated to design and home improvement.

gift bag storage spaceBags and Bows – storing and accessing these is a slightly different approach. Drawers can work well for bows. Built-in vertical slots that allow you to “stuff” the bags is a great option, as is this mini shelf shown in the photo. 

stylish craft storage roomScissors, Tape and Other Tools – we like the idea of having some kind of peg board o in the wall or side of a cabinet that allows you to grab what you need, use it and hang it right back up in it's place. If that's not an option for your space, then baskets to corral things are also great because they can be easily moved around while you're working and then stashed back in their permanent location.

If any of these projects inspire you to become a more organized “giver” - then give us a call to set up a consultation to see how we can help.

Closets With Angled Walls and Ceilings

Angled walls and ceilings present unique design challenges in closet space.

White Attic closet with hardwood floorWhat initially looks like great little “cubbie” space or “nooks” because of a curved wall or angled ceiling often ends up expensive to build out.

And it isn't always highly functional.
And here's why -
We all have specific items that need to be stored inside our closets. And these items “occupy” or “take up” defined amounts of space. For example, a pair of blouse that is 22” from shoulder to shoulder won't fit very well in a space that is only 18” deep.

In other words, just because you put a rod up in a location does not always mean that the hanging garments will fit within that space. If the rod is too close to the wall or a return wall isn't deep enough, the clothing may stick out in to a walkway or the hanger might not fit within the space.

So creating storage solutions in spaces that have angles can be tricky and require planning if you want to maximize function and have it look great.

Here are a couple of tips:

Dress shirts in attic closet-The industry standard rod height for short hanging garments is approximately 42” from the floor. Shirts and jackets require about 24” in depth in order to fit in to a space. Placement of rods should accommodate these parameters.

-If you are using panel material (like melamine or wood), the system needs to attach to the structure of the house for stability. So while a large number of closet systems are installed using what is known as a “hanging system”, this approach can't typically be utilized in situations with angled ceilings because you can't adhere the system to a flat, vertical back wall. That often means that a “floor-based” system is best because the panels go all the way to the floor and can be secured there so the system doesn't fall down.

attic master closet-Shelving units will typically need to have backing so items don't fall behind the unit and into any “dead space”.

-Low shelving doesn't always make sense. Attaching shelving to the walls within the space that has a straight, vertical wall is often difficult to access because it's low and you have to really bend down to get to it. The forward angle, or  pitch of the ceiling prevents easy access. If you go with this option, you should consider it for long term storage and larger items that you don't need to access on a regular basis.

-Less structure often equals more effective storage when it comes to angled and unusual spaces. We often have people who want to organize the space underneath stairs. They have seen some gorgeous pictures on sites like Houzz or Pinterest and want to re-create the look. While this is a need we can meet, it requires a serious budget. Custom designing and building something to fit so beautifully and specifically requires not only math and good machinery, but on site trimming and cutting as well as fillers and possibly even the making of templates in advance.

Attic closet storage nooks Attic closet organization

The more economical option is to plan to store larger items that you don't use on a daily basis (like holiday decorations) in this space. Put in some simple shelving that will allow for that.


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